Ultra96 v1 vs v2

This year we are using the Ultra96 v2 board. If you want to use the Ultra96 v1 board, please make sure you are aware of the following:

  • The WiFi module and the power regulators on the board have changed, which will likely result in different power usage measurements than an identical design running on the v2 board. During evaluation, we will test your design on a v2 board, and power is measured for the entire board, so keep in mind that if you test your design using a v1 board, the power usage values may be different than what we observe on our evaluation system.
  • Last year we shipped teams a 2A power supply; however, if your design uses multiple software cores plus substantial amount of FPGA fabric, this may not be sufficient. If you opt to purchase the Ultra96v2 board during registration it will include a larger 4A power supply. If you plan to use your kit from last year, and use newer design tools, such as Xilinx’s Vitis AI, you may want to upgrade to a larger 4A power supply, which can be purchased from AVNET for $19.99. https://www.avnet.com/shop/us/products/avnet-engineering-services/aes-acc-u96-4apwr-3074457345635740760/
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