Getting Started

Thanks for registering for the DAC System Design Contest. We are excited to have over 80 teams registered this year!

Hopefully your team is already well underway working on your high-accuracy, lower-power, object detector design. If not, don't worry, there's still plenty of time to get started.

Here are the top things to do to get started:

  1. Visit and bookmark the contest website: On this page you can view the contest objectives and metrics, download the image set, view past year's winners, and more.
  2. Check out the starting design files provided to you at
  3. Create a PYNQ image for your Ultra96v2 board, and try out the sample notebook.
  4. Register for the Piazza Q&A group at You can use Piazza to post any questions you have.
  5. Work toward having a working design for the first preliminary submission in mid-March. Even if you don't have a high-quality solution yet, the preliminary submissions allow you to get results on the test images, and make sure your solution works on our evaluation platform.

Good luck!

Jeff Goeders

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