Frequently Asked Questions

A: No. The evaluation platform will use the PYNQ v2.5 image for the Ultra96 v2, available at http://www.pynq.io/board.html. When you submit your files (jupyter notebook, bitstream, supporting files), we will copy them to the evaluation platform. Your solution must run on this platform, and cannot rely upon changes to the underlying system image.

A: We will accept submission in March, April and May. If you submit at those times, we will provide you with preliminary results. Make sure to try your design during these preliminary submission times. If you submit your design for the final submission, and it doesn't work, we won't have time to contact you and get any fixes.

Yes, the evaluation system will run your design using your jupyter notebook page that you submit. You need the PYNQ framework so that the evaluators can run your notebook. You are still able to add any IP/hardware modules you like to the base hardware system provided to you.

Currently the following frameworks are available. If you have further questions, please post them to the Piazza group.

Toolflow Ultra96 V2 Ultra96 V1
PYNQ v2.5 + Custom HW design in Vivdao 2019.1 yes yes
PYNQ v2.5 + AI Model Zoo (2019.1) DPU yes yes
PYNQ v2.5.x + VITIS AI (2019.2) DPU Estimated 31-Jan-20 Not available
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